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Build Your Own Shutters

Build Your Own Shutters

It’s easy to build your own window shutters if you want a rustic look for your house. Not too long ago I was looking to build shutters for my home and was trying to figure out what materials to use. At the same time I also had a fence in my backyard that was older and wooden and needed to be replaced. The idea came to me after reading something online how about using the old wood from the wooden fence to create and build shutters for my home. It was just as simple as that.

So if you have some old wooden fencing or you have access to some old wood boards maybe from an old barn, take a look at the material and see if it’s in good enough shape to use for your wooden shutters. It might be that a lot of the wood needs to be replaced or not used, but you can use the wood that’s still in pretty good shape. Of course it may need to be repainted and nails and screws taken out, but all those flaws will give your wooden shutters a rustic look. I even have a good friend of mine who treats the wood with stain and marks them up with different tools to make them appear old.

So after you have your building materials for your shutters, it would be wise to find some plans either online or at the library to follow in order to build your shutters. What I did was just lay three or four boards down on a flat surface and nail a board behind them to keep them straight and in-line. So if you’re boards aren’t too wide you could just do the very same thing. Put three boards on the ground and nail or screw a backboard on the backside. Of course you’ll want to have a board that is both at the top and at the bottom and possibly in the middle in order to support the shutters.

Finally, after your shutters are built you’ll need to figure out how to place them onto your home and around your windows. You will need some screws and some hinges in order to attach them to your home. They hinges all of the necessary if you plan to open and shut the shutters. My recommendation is that if you are going to build shutters you might as well build shutters that are functional and now opening close as you need them. Of course this only applies to certain areas where the weather can be harsh or severe.