Should I Hire the Cheapest Contractor? – Pay Attention All Homeowners

Should I Hire the Cheapest Contractor? – Pay Attention All Homeowners

When you go to the grocery store and you’re looking at bananas, you can buy the cheapest bananas and usually get away with it. If you see bananas at one store for $.49 a pound and go to another store in their $.89 a pound, and they don’t look any different. I would buy the cheaper bananas.

In the construction business, it’s completely different. If you’re going to hire a contractor, you had better pay attention to what I’m about to say and try not to ever forget it. You usually get, what you pay for and in the construction business, that is usually what you will get.

I personally have never hired the cheapest contractor and I never will. As a building contractor, home builder, homeowner and anyone else involved in fixing and repairing homes, I can guarantee you one thing, that you will always be able to find someone cheaper.

If you’re truly looking for the cheapest contractor, here’s a great tip for you. Just keep calling on the phone and wasting the contractor’s time as you bring them out to look at your project by the hundreds. Even during good times, you can find someone to do the job cheaper.

I do not recommend hiring the cheapest contractor but I do recommend hiring the most competent contractor who has given you the fairest price. The only way that you will know what a fair price is going to be, is to get at least three bids from experienced contractors.

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Never higher the cheapest contractor, if you’re not comfortable with the other contractors who have bit the job, call a few more. Make sure that you’re comfortable doing business with who ever you choose to hire.

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