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Do You Want A Garage Floor Protector That Looks Like A Checkered Flag?

Do You Want A Garage Floor Protector That Looks Like A Checkered Flag?

What is more important to you – aesthetic appeal or functionality? Perhaps it would be more appropriate to ask that question with a little caveat. Don’t you think you should be spending your time, effort and money to make places that matter more to you aesthetically appealing? Recently you may have seen that people are starting to go to extreme lengths to pretty up their garage, but you really have to ask yourself – what is the point?

Savvy marketers can persuade us to spend our hard earned cash when we don’t need to and convince us that we really need to have their marvelous product. For example, they might convince you that you need a garage floor protector to cover the entire length and breadth of the room, for some reason. Certainly there are good reasons for having a protection product of some kind, but do you really need to go to the lengths that they suggest?

One of the more colorful products on the market these days is a fully fitted carpet that comes in replaceable, self adhering squares. The marketers tell us that we can turn our garage into an ultimate showroom. Why would you want to do that? It’s not as if you’re going to invite people in to consider purchasing your car or truck? Personally, I think that those squares look more like a gigantic hopscotch game of some kind.

If you consider putting fitted carpet down in your garage, bear in mind that you will have quite a lot of maintenance work ahead of you. Certainly, these carpets are synthetic and more akin to a professional football stadium surface, but they will get dirty rather quickly. The manufacturers advise you to add a special oil cutting detergent and then simply wash all the debris into the drainage system. Not sure if that’s very environmentally friendly.

You need a garage floor protector that helps to absorb the runoff as well as the drips and drops that will fall from your car’s engine and transmission casings as time goes by. Consequently, you need a product that goes beneath the vehicles only. While it’s certainly true that the carpet is soft under your feet, how many hours do you spend in the garage, anyway? Once again, this room is functional rather than a place that should look pretty.

Save your resources and don’t be tempted to put too much time and effort into keeping your garage in good condition. You certainly need to worry about snow, slush or rainwater runoff, as we know that this can be a problem when we return from a trip. If we don’t contain it in some way it can seep into the corners and damage our stored valuables.

Many people think that the finished look of those self adhering carpet squares owes more to a NASCAR style checkered flag than anything else. While there is nothing wrong with this form of motorsport, of course, you might be less obtrusive with a garage floor protector. This is something that sits beneath each vehicle and takes a lot less work to upkeep.

When you first install a fitted carpet it will certainly look nice, but it will start to fade and get progressively dirty as time goes by. Just remember that if you replace one of those individual squares if needed it will be very obvious. It just won’t be as faded or worn as the squares all around it. It seems a lot easier to save yourself all that fuss and to get a conventional and functional garage floor protector at the outset.