Knowing When to Replace Soffits and Fascias – A Home Improvement Guide

Knowing When to Replace Soffits and Fascias – A Home Improvement Guide

Not many people know how to replace a soffit; there are those amongst you who may not know when to repair a fascia, either. Perhaps the best place to start is by providing a definition of a soffit and explaining what a fascia is. I must stress the importance, though, of getting a reliable home improvements company to carry out the work – mistakes can be costly.

Okay. So a fascia is a piece of horizontal material that’s found between the highest-part of an outer wall and the eaves that extend from the building. Toward the end of the rafters – often supporting the gutter – is the fascia board. The completed underside of the fascia is the soffit. Unless you work for an expert fascia maintenance contractor, however – or fascia repair company – you won’t necessarily know what signs to look for.

Start by looking at the wood. If it’s showing sign of rotting, there could be a problem and you may want to seek advice on soffit repair. Look at your guttering too and examine the interior walls of your property; if the former is leaking – and/or the latter is damp – then these are early signs of fascia/soffit damage.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with a complete guide to fascias and soffits. What I can do is come to your home, complete a survey, and provide you with a quote to repair those soffits and fascias. There may well be nothing wrong, in which case I’ll be quick to put you at your ease. But please, contact me if you’re not sure – else you could end up with woodworm, maggots or dry rot.

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