Plumbing Drain Maintenance and Saving Your Money

Plumbing Drain Maintenance and Saving Your Money

One way you can do a drain maintenance inspection is to use an inspection camera. The inspection camera can be included in your preventive maintenance program and save you time and in the end money. You can build an effective system by combining drain cleaning tools and inspection cameras. What do such cameras cost? Expect to pay anywhere from four hundred dollars for a basic unit. For the professional models you can pay one thousand dollars or more.

But you have to see this as an investment that will save you in plumbing cost in the future. Drain maintenance means maintaining your pipes in smooth running condition. When you schedule regular inspections and utilize a recording system, you are able to compare plumbing conditions to track the build up rate in your drain lines. You can then plan for the right drain clearing equipment at the right time according to your schedule and not for an emergency.

There are many advantages to this system. Firstly, you can minimize the inconvenience to the building occupants; you can let everyone know in advance about the plumbing work by scheduling the next time for a drain clearing. Next workers will avoid harder more stressful work. The drain will be easier to clean because it will not be as heavily backed up compared to it have backed up completely.

The third advantage is that sewage backups, which carry with it health and safety concerns can be avoided; not to mention the terrible mess and inconvenience involved in a plumbing emergency. Begin this maintenance system with your first inspection now. Then have another one in about 90 days. This is a favorable way to implement this program initially. From your initial findings and inspection you can adapt the time line for inspections in the future.

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This is all about putting a system in place that will make it convenient for future inspections. Let us say for instance that after the first two inspections no change can be seen in the pipe buildup. You can then do an inspection twice a year of even once a year. You do have to realize of course that emergency conditions can happen; even if you have a lot of control over the gradual buildup in your drains. You of course need a quick response in emergency situations.

A camera tech with his water proof equipment and light emitting diode unit can inspect the area. And despite a flooded sewage filled back up, he can locate the clog and get the pipes smoothly running again.

With either situation an emergency clog or a build up over time, the cost to clean drains is less when and inspection is used before and after drain clearing. The technicians can pick the proper tools, cables or hooks or grabbers or cutters.

When they can view the specific problem and how far is the access point. This way they can quickly and efficiently complete the work. If the technicians inspect after the cleaning when the pipe is clear, they are able to make sure they have taken out the entire clog. The problem will not happen again. It was totally taken care of initially.

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