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Don’t Waste Your Car Cleanup Efforts

Don’t Waste Your Car Cleanup Efforts

If you have recently taken your car through one of those modern vehicle wash resources, you know just how sophisticated they have become. It can seem as if you’re going on quite the adventure when you sit inside your car and watch the machinery and technology go to work to transform the exterior of your vehicle. These machines even seem capable of doing a good job on the wheels as well, traditionally a difficult place to access.

Of course, taking your car through an automated vehicle washing station is all well and good and will certainly make it appear sparkling and like new on the outside. This may make you feel good about yourself and cause the neighbor to make a nice comment or two, but there’s a lot more to looking after your vehicle and you should schedule a comprehensive car cleanup session on a regular basis.

To ensure that your car cleanup is well planned and covers all the bases, make sure that you pay particular attention to the inside of the vehicle as well as the place that you store it. A car cleanup cannot be complete unless the inside looks equally as impressive as the outside. Unfortunately, we cannot drive our car through an automated station to clean the inside as this requires a bit of application!

The inside of your vehicle’s Windows will become as dirty as the outside and you will need to clean them all with a proprietary glass cleaner. However, instead of using disposable paper towels, use left over newspapers, as these are known to produce a better result. You really cannot conclude your car cleanup session, if you cannot see out of your windows without squinting.

Think about all that junk that you accumulate inside your vehicle as time goes by. When you’re finished with your paper cup, you throw it behind the seat. Any old CDs and random receipts, you stuff in the glove compartment. Over time, you will be amazed how much excess weight you are carrying around, all of which is not doing much for your fuel economy, is it? Bring out the laundry basket from the utility room, fill it up with everything that’s in the car and take it back inside to sort through. Throw out the junk and store what you need to keep during this car cleanup session.

When you have finished cleaning up the inside of your car and making sure that the its as clean as you can get it, buy some car mats to save any more wear and tear on that carpet. You know that it is prohibitively expensive to replace these items in a typical car and as such you can cut down on the amount of time you spend in your car cleanup session by investing in these mats.

You might pay little attention to the condition of your garage because it is such a utilitarian room. You should invest time and effort here to protect it however as well as the other items that you store there. If you put floor mats underneath each vehicle, they will absorb a lot of rainwater and muck and keep it from flowing elsewhere to cause damage.

It’s a job well done when you have finished your car cleanup, paid attention to the garage by installing garage floor mats. Now, don’t leave it until some indeterminate time in the future, but put this car cleanup regime on your calendar for the future.