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Catch All Mats Clean Up Where You Don’t!

Catch All Mats Clean Up Where You Don’t!

Have you ever noticed how, when we take possession of something shiny and new, that we pay particular attention to keeping it in tiptop condition, to try and ensure that it remains in the condition that we purchased it? Human nature dictates that this never really lasts very long however and before you know it, our new possession has been absorbed into your daily routine and the novelty seems to have worn off.

When you take possession of a new house, this is surely one of the proudest moments of your life. This is your pride and joy and you will look after it to make sure that your investment is protected. Your garage is not full of all kinds of junk and all four walls and bare floor are in perfect condition. Now is the time to put down some catch all mats in place, before you drive those vehicles in, as Murphy’s Law will dictate that you will receive a deposit or two before you know it!

Catch all mats are aptly named and are designed to be your “eyes and ears” while you go about your daily life. It’s difficult to be on top of the cleaning regime and to be right there when something spills onto the surface beneath. Often, if you don’t clean up right away, damage can be caused to the surface and this is where catch all mats can save you a lot of heartache.

We never seem to keep up with our commitment to ourselves to look after the new purchase, or to continue cleaning religiously. If you have just spent a lot of time at rejuvenating, you can help yourself out by placing catch all mats instead. A catch all mat can absorb oil, grease, fluids and excess runoff and keep this mess from damaging the concrete layers beneath. Some fluids can penetrate concrete and can be very difficult indeed to remove.

Unless you are a professional auto mechanic, you have probably never heard of the type of sealant paint that you can buy to treat your garage floor. This is quite a process in itself and requires particular cleaning and preparation. Rather than go to this extent, why not just purchase catch all mats and put them in place and under your vehicles. This is far simpler.

No matter what we do, after a period of time your car will invariably start to leak from one orifice or another area. This may be engine oil, transmission oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid, coolant — you name it. The older the vehicle gets, the more likely it is to cause a mess and why you should consider catch all mats for all of the vehicles you possess.

It is far easier to prevent than to cure as we all know and if you have just moved into a new house, you should start off as you mean to continue by not creating clutter and by putting in place solutions to help you avoid a big cleanup down the road. Catch all mats in your garage are a good start, as is a promise to yourself not to throw your junk into the corner — but rather recycle! Catch all mats are made from hard wearing polypropylene and will absorb almost anything that you throw at them. They have a vinyl base, which means that they will not slip, nor will they allow the content to penetrate the floor beneath. They are a great investment.