Does Bleach Harm Septic Tanks?

Does Bleach Harm Septic Tanks?

Today, homeowners are using a wide range of products to clean their toilets and other plumbing fixtures and drains. Many of these products are safe for the plumbing systems; however, there are products that can cause serious damage to the septic system, including the septic tank. One product that many people have used and ended up putting in the septic system is bleach.

Most experts do not recommend putting bleach in the plumbing system because it can cause damage to the tank. The septic tank contains bacterial micro-organisms that break up and digest the waste that has flowed through the septic system. The bacteria in the tank provide an anaerobic breakdown of solids in the tank. When bleach is added to the septic system, it will kill the bacteria. The result is a septic system that does not work properly. Waste will not be broken down and eventually, the waste will accumulate and cause the entire system to back up. This can be a very expensive problem to fix and it can be messy if the sewer line backs up and flows into the basement. As well, if waste leeches into the drain field, the result can be a blockage that can cause the drain field system to fail.

A septic system needs naturally occurring bacteria to break up the waste. There are bacterial additives that you can purchase and flush down the toilet which will go into the septic tank. The bacteria will be activated and begin to break down the organic materials within the septic tank. It is important not to pour any harmful chemical into the drain to avoid damage to the septic lines and septic tank. Bleach can be very corrosive and can damage the pipes. Bleach is also unsafe to humans if inhaled and it can burn the eyes. It is better to use natural non-chemical additives and cleaners. Healthy septic tanks should always have an abundant of bacteria to prevent septic tank failure.

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When shopping for cleaners, look at the ingredients in the cleaner to see what harmful chemicals are in the product. Natural is always the best choice as the plumbing system will not be damaged. You can even make a homemade drain cleaner that consists of A� cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar. It is non-toxic, safe, and cleans drains without harming the tank. Proper care of the septic system is essential to keeping it running smoothly. Choosing the safest products to clean drains and toilets is one way to properly maintain the system. As well, it is important not to put items that do not belong in the septic tank such as grease and oil in the plumbing system.

Anyone who has a septic tank fail knows how frustrating and expensive it can be to get it repaired. Properly maintaining the tank is essential to keeping the tank working properly. Keeping bleach out of the tank is one way homeowners can protect their septic systems.

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