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What Makes the Best Shopping Malls AC?

Shopping malls are incredibly popular; they can be found in almost every city in the world, although, of course, they aren’t always called malls. The fact of the matter is that some shopping malls are better than others, and these malls prioritise their customers. How do you make a person choose your shopping mall over others? In addition to offering a range of shopping, dining and entertainment options, you also need to ensure that you are catering to their comfort; this is where the AC comes in. So, what does make a mall AC superior?

The Location

First things first, you need to think about where the mall is or is going to be. This will determine the ideal temperature of the mall. You will also have to consider the location of the mall AC and the vents themselves. You should work out which areas of the mall are going to see the highest levels of foot traffic and ensure that vents will be placed accordingly. The location of the vents is directly related to its efficacy; there is no point in having vents to cool down areas that aren’t going to be frequented by that many people. 

The Settings

The next thing to think about is the settings of the AC and whether or not it has any additional features. Can it be adjusted with if needed, depending on the capacity of the mall and the outside temperatures, et cetera. Some forms of AC are not as adjustable as others which means they operate pretty consistently, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is something to consider. For example, will you want an AC that can work both ways and heat the mall in the winter months? If not, you could be looking at two separate systems, which can take longer to install and be more costly. 

The Temperature

The temperature that the AC can work within should also be considered. In hotter areas, it would make sense that the AC temperature can go colder than it would need to in areas that have a more temperate climate. If the area experiences weather on both ends of the spectrum, from extreme heat to extreme cold, then the AC will need to be adjustable in order to work day-to-day.

The Value for Money

Some forms of AC might be more energy efficient to run, which would make the energy bills of the mall cheaper. The entire system ideally will be a good value for money, from the initial purchase to the installation to the usage. Value for money doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the cheapest option; it simply means choosing the option that is going to offer the best return on investment. 

In Conclusion

Having an AC system helps to ensure that customers are comfortable inside the mall regardless of the weather outside. There are a few different factors that will need to be considered when it comes to making sure that you have chosen the best AC system. A few of the factors relate more to the planning of the building itself, as well as the capabilities of the system itself, including the energy efficiency, the location of the vents and the additional features of the system too.