Six Simple Plumbing Problems You May Be Missing

Six Simple Plumbing Problems You May Be Missing

Your plumbing system might appear to be in perfect shape, for now, but it is strongly recommended to check regularly for early signs of deterioration.

This article offers six small things you should be checking. You’d surely be glad to catch the symptoms before it gets worse. Fixing small problems is far easier than fixing large problems.

These faults may be well-hidden, but negligence over these matters can be a cause of your worst plumbing nightmare. While you do not need to contact your plumber at the onset, these six signs will at least help you on your assessment.

Check the on the following:

1. Your bathroom and / or sink tiles should be in great shape. Cracked, loose or hollow tiles may be caused (or an indication) of a leak underneath. Replace them immediately, and don’t forget to resolve the cause of its current state.

2. All your drains should be quick to wash out. If it takes time for water to drain on sinks and shower, it’s already a sign of clog. Note that bubbles can also indicate problems.

Regular cleaning of the drains can help you prevent more complicated problems in the future. Schedule bi-monthly cleaning and checking for your water drains. This is to clear any sediment or dirt build ups.

3. Your toilet shouldn’t be rocking or moving. Try flushing every toilet stall and check if it works well. Water should not run continuously after flushing, and there shouldn’t be water on the floor or around the toilet.

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4. Always check the parts inside the tank of your toilet stalls. Are there any parts missing, rusty or broken? Maybe it’s time for a replacement, or a visit from your local plumbing authority.

5. If you’re using a water heater, check the insides of the burner chamber. There shouldn’t be any signs of rusting. You should also test the flames and take note of its color. Yellow flames means that you may need to have the jet cleaned.

6. Double-check the state of your faucets. With the faucets on, check if there’s any water going out of the valves and / or handles. With the faucets off, take note of any leaks around the pipes.

Complying and checking with this list occasionally may save you from more serious plumbing issues in the future. Share this list with your plumber, and have a faster repair transaction.

Lastly, remember that maintenance and prevention is the key for a stress-free, plumbing-friendly home.

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