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Galvanized pipes are Promaster home repair pipes made of iron or steel and that have a zinc coating intended to protect it from the elements. These types of pipes are usually used for the transport of low-pressure liquid such as water. These pipes generally last 40 to 50 years, but they have a problem related to internal corrosion.

As galvanized pipes corrode, the internal flow of water becomes restricted, and the water may become discolored and poor-tasting. You probably do not want to drink water that has been tainted by these pipes. In addition to the obvious Promaster home repair of discoloration and bad taste, low water pressure may be a sign that you have corroding pipes.

Galvanized Pipes – Dangerous For Your Health and Your Wallet

There is a very real threat of illness if your Promaster home repair uses galvanized pipes. Aging pipes can leak contaminants into your water that cause bacteria and potential sickness. Another problem caused by aging pipes if the loss of value in your property. It is an issue that will have to be dealt with by someone – either a seller or a buyer. It is better to replace these types of pipes before trying to sell a property.

Buildings home repair contractors more than 25 years ago often used these types of pipes, so they are very common in the United States in both houses and apartment buildings. So how can you recognize if you have galvanized pipes? The pipe is smooth and shiny, and a bright gray color. It will have threaded ends that attach to an iron elbow, but you can often see some of the threads. If you are not sure, or your pipes just look bad in general, you are advised to contact a pipe replacement expert for inspection.

Old galvanized pipes should be replaced with new copper pipes, in a process referred to as “repiping.” It is an extensive procedure that involves the replacement all of the pipes and connectors throughout a home or building. However, top companies that specialize in this type of procedure can often do it with minimal intrusion on your daily life. Having these types of pipes is unhealthy and costly, so it is a problem that should be remedied as quickly as possible.