Commercial Door Company Trends in Charlotte

Some people tend to spend more time working on their household, improving it, making it look better but some of the things are left behind. You probably don’t think about how to enhance your roof that often or improve insulation. The same case is for doors that usually stay the same for always and are renovated only when you renovate the whole house.

They are actually a very important part of your home especially your entrance because it is the first thing people will notice besides your garden. When they come to your place the first time, they will see how organized it looks. It’s something that we can have an influence on and give a good first impression.

Extra-wide and Elegant

Designers have the freedom to experience and try new things so you can now find all kinds of models and types for every house. One of the trends that exist for a long time is that wider is better. It comes with its advantages because these doors allow you to bring in larger items that are hard to fit through regular size. It’s very common for companies or agencies to have them so they can carry stuff in freely.

When it comes to the visual effect it provides, your building will seem higher than usual and the facade will look more representative. It can look very modern if it is made of wood and with the right color you can present yourself as elegant. Most apartment buildings have them but they usually are made of glass and are not as elegant as wood.

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Another good thing when it comes to wide types is that you are able to better execute the combination of materials. You can combine most of them including glass or wood with metal or even carbon fiber. If you match the colors to the facade, it will be very pleasant for the eye but it’s better to consult your commercial door company Charlotte before you figure it out on your own.

The combination you want to use will depend on what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you want to achieve a summer relaxation vibe, you will have a turquoise-colored, heavy wooden door with a light-painted facade. Always check with your contractor about their thoughts or even ask a designer what is the best for your household. Professionals that have experience and have seen thousands of doors will probably have a solution for you.


Every time you read about design trends about any topic, you will find out that one of them is minimalism. As our lives become more complex and there are more things to do, we tend to turn design trends to be more “easy” to understand and simple for the eye. There are 3 main aspects of it including simple and austere forget items, monochrome with clear lines.

When you are looking towards minimalism, you will probably choose safety features and smooth materials. Steel is the best option here because it can also look great but are more suitable for apartments. If you have a big fence, glass is a great option because it brings natural color inside. The dimensions should be very simple without any extra parts like side windows.

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Which Color To Use?

Some things changed in the past couple of years and we have more elegant homes than usual. Which color you use won’t only depend on what looks great with the facade but also which material you use because some natural materials are better displayed as they are. You shouldn’t hide those wood patterns that look naturally beautiful. The same goes for metal if you want a stronger tone.

If you want to express details and match your walls with your front entrance, you can use calm light shades but 2 or 3 times darker than the wall. This could be done at the same time if you are planning to repaint the house. You can use some almond, milky, faded blue or even smoky white color. Find more info here:

When you want to have something that is relaxed and welcoming, calm and mysterious, cool and mesmerizing, you should go with patterns that include blue, gray and green. These colors can be used on every model but they may look better on models that are slimmer. The last option would be to use bright colors which are a great idea for 2021 where we need more joy and freshness.

Energy Efficient

If you want a smart house that will save you energy and lower your bills, you would want to work on every aspect. One of them is insulation and even if it doesn’t make a big change, your door can have an influence. Compared to wood, fiberglass and steel have more insulating value and you have models that are marked as energy efficient.

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The problem might be that you will have some leaks around it so the efficiency is something you should spend a lot on considering how much expensive they can be. This depends on which area you live in so talk to your seller about the models that are affordable but useful in other senses. You can also check this online and find if anything works for your home. Read more here.

Stay Safe

Even if you want to improve your exterior design, you should think about other aspects like how safe it is. Some models that are used in minimalism are quite simple and don’t have some safety options you might find on steel products. The best option would be to have both in the same, but it can be a bit expensive.

Buying safety features is also a trend people like because there are numerous ideas and designs that look great especially with new technology. We are very close to throwing away doorknobs and using only fingerprints or something similar that is faster and looks more appealing. We now have this technology available but the price range is too high which doesn’t mean that in a few years every home will afford it.

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