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Bronze Vessel Sinks – Elegance and Style

Bronze Vessel Sinks – Elegance and Style

Vessel sinks were introduced into the market around ten years ago. Since then, more house owners have been buying them as a welcome addition to their bathroom vanities. The relatively new trend of vessel sinks has received warm reception because they are stylish and functional at the same time. Vessel sinks have also become cheaper. At present, they cost an average of USD 500 in your local and online stores.

Vessel sinks give your bathroom a unique touch. Instead of your conventional white porcelain sink, why not use vessel sinks? They are trendy and they are practical. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials so you would not have a difficult time picking one (or two) that would compliment your existing bathroom design. Or, if you are just renovating your bathroom or just starting to decorate your new home, there is surely the perfect vessel sink out there to accentuate the theme or bathroom design you had in mind.

If you want a simple and elegant sink for the bathroom, bronze sinks will make a good choice. They will be more expensive, especially those made of the best quality, but they will make a very good investment in case you might sell your house in the future. The ideal placement for bronze sinks would be somewhere like the bar, where they will not be used frequently. They will make a good decoration, but that is not to say that they are not durable.

Bronze sinks last long. Bronze oxidizes superficially, meaning it rusts over time, depending on usage, but only on the surface. The thin oxide layer does its job of protecting the metal underneath from corroding further. Compared to sinks made of glass or porcelain, they will also need more meticulous cleaning and maintenance.

Bronze Sink Designs

Bronze sinks come in hundreds of shapes and designs. Usually, they are purchased with matching bronze faucet. On the Internet alone, you can easily find catalogues and websites specializing on selling vessel sinks made of bronze.

There are the simplest designs such as circular, oval, or square for as low as USD 100. Some have carvings on the rim or sculpted with interesting designs. There are those that come with handles, making them look like artifacts from some ancient civilization. Sometimes, bronze-made vessel sinks come with ragged edges, making them look raw. There is surely one out there that will strike your fancy.

Caring for Bronze Vessel Sinks

Once you have installed a bronze sink in your bathroom, you need to clean it at least once every two or three weeks. Apply a mild Ivory Liquid solution with warm water using a soft cotton cloth. Wipe in circular motions to make sure that you cover everything. Use another piece of dry cloth to thoroughly dry the surface of the sink.

Some manufactures recommend applying a thin coat of clear Trewax on the inside surface of the sink so that it looks glossy and shinier. Remember to avoid using a rough sponge or any abrasive cleaner for bronze vessel sinks.