Things You Need To Know Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof

Solar panels are a fantastic option for homeowners. There’s quite a few reasons to go solar. One of the biggest is the simple fact that solar panels can provide a large portion, or even all, of a home’s power. This equals out to some big savings down the line. On top of that it’s a powerful green source of energy which helps make the world a bigger place. By going with solar one is also sending a signal to the rest of the community to give it a try. However, that’s not to say that it’s always a simple process. There are some important things to consider before installing solar panels on one’s roof.

One of the first points one should consider is the amount of light which will reach the solar panels. Modern solar powers are far more efficient than most people would assume. Even mildly cloudy weather can generate an impressive amount of power. However, intermittent cloud cover and full shade are two very different things. As such, it’s important to actually examine the area for physical obstructions. Trees are one of the more common issues one will face when considering overall solar coverage. Thankfully it’s an easier problem to deal with than the other common cause of blocked sunlight. The second most common cause of obstruction comes from physical structures such as other houses. This is more of a problem.

However, one might still be able to creatively place solar panels to compensate. People should ask themselves, “can roofers in my area help me out”. The reason one would consider roofers in my area is that it’s often a fairly big job. Likewise, it can call for some creative problem solving. Using locals ensures that it’s easier to brainstorm together before putting the plan into action.

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However, even when things seem simple there’s often a lot to consider. One should set up a full roof inspection to ensure solar panels can be safely placed on the roof. This is where one can bring up the shade issues. The roofer will also be able to verify how much weight the roof will be able to handle in its current state. In general the roof will only need to handle between three to five psf. This is usually well within what a roof can handle. But it’s important to properly verify this beforehand. One will find a running theme with solar installations. Basically, it comes down to the fact that one can’t operate under assumptions. Variables need to be properly confirmed before actual solar panel installation begins.

It’s important to be patient with these early preparations. It can seem like it’s a lengthy process at first. But it’s important to keep in mind what kind of investment solar really is. It’s not just something that will be giving back in the short term. Solar is an investment which will keep on giving for not just years, but decades. New solar panels will work for 25 years or more. Or, at least, when they’re properly installed. As such it’s well worth spending time to ensure that installation proceeds properly.

One should also remember that this isn’t the first time the experts have worked with a solar installation. This means that they usually have a lot of useful information and ways to get around pressing issues. However, one often needs to ask those questions before an answer will be volunteered. If one is worried about some aspect of the roof or the panel installation it’s important to bring it up. The experts will usually have a way around the issue or an explanation as to why things are being done in a certain way.

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