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Proper planning is a must in order to design and complete a full home repair San Antonio. Floor plans should be drawn showing entire floor that you are working on including any upper and lower floors. We typically super-impose floors so we can ensure that all structural load points have been addressed. Once complete we work extensively with clients to ensure that all of their wishes are met. With the drawings we are easily able to let them know of any complications or restrictions prior to starting the project.

Planning the Perfect Kitchen

Choosing appliances and ordering is crucial to a successful home repair San Antonio at this stage. Having the appliance model numbers allows us to design our clients kitchen around their appliance choices. Choosing counter top style and material is important at this stage also due to the different thicknesses of materials. Once the floor plan and clients wishes are addressed -a kitchen drawing will be completed with a virtual tour of their new kitchen. Once approved these drawings are sent to the kitchen designers for drawing, sizing and costing.

Modifications are made to the home repair San Antonio layout including removal of walls, wiring and plumbing to the new locations while the cabinets are being constructed. The detailed kitchen drawings are crucial to achieve the perfect kitchen as changing wiring, plumbing, etc after the kitchen arrives would be a major setback in the project home repair near me. All inspections are completed which allows for the installation of drywall. Typically once the drywall is installed and finished we apply a primer coat of paint and one finished coat to the walls prior to cabinetry installation. This is an important step.


Cabinetry is installed typically the day after the first finished coat of paint is complete. It works out perfectly with the reconstruction, inspections, wiring, plumbing an drywall time versus cabinetry construction and delivery. All cabinetry is installed per design with all plumbing and electrical falling into perfect position. Template of the counter tops immediately follows cabinetry installation. Between the time that template of counter tops is complete and they are installed is a perfect time to finish the painting, install cabinet mounted appliances and thoroughly clean the cabinets and drawers. Typically 4 days later the counter top arrives and installation of the kitchen sink, dishwasher and cook top is completed. All final inspections are completed and a perfect kitchen awaits.