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Our PublicationsWe produce and distribute a number of free science-based educational materials at various levels of detail ranging from simple FAQ sheets to an in-depth Primer on water resources, an illustrated “textbook” on the Verde River system. Below, you can read descriptions of our publications to see which best suits your needs or interests.

Verde River Guiding Principles

Verde River Guiding PrinciplesUnderstanding “The Verde River Guiding Principles” means understanding the influence of the river, its tributaries, and its groundwater on you and your influence on them. This document highlights how from early Native American cultures to the present day, the Verde River system has been integrated into the culture, economy, and environment. The Principles describe how the surface water and groundwater of the Verde River Watershed have been identified as a finite, interconnected natural resource considered by many to be a national treasure. The Partnership promotes that these Principles are ones to which people throughout the region, the state, and beyond should subscribe to make informed and value-driven decisions about our water resources.

Click here to read the Verde River Guiding Principles.


Verde Watershed Currents Newsletter

Latest-Currents-Newsletter-VRBP-cropThe Verde Watershed Currents is our quarterly newsletter, full of casual, topical articles. Our newsletter – redesigned in 2014 – always has a feature article on a watershed-related topic, such as subjects ranging from the springs in the watershed to irrigation practices of local growers to green infrastructure. Additionally, each Currents issue provides a recap of the precipitation conditions in the watershed and the weather outlook for the upcoming months. We always have a “creature feature” highlighting our native wildlife and a water conservation section as well. The Currents is a must-read for all those like to read about various fun and interesting topics.

Click here to read the Verde River Watershed Currents Newsletter.

Water-Resource Notes

Water Resource Notes 1The Water-Resource Notes are a series of easy-to-read, informative articles that focus on individual water-related topics. For example, the first issue is titled The Verde River – A Desert Treasure At Risk” and it discusses the proposition that the Verde River is an irreplaceable treasure viewed as unique by people around the world. Other Water-Resource Notes issues cover such topics as the water cycle and numerical groundwater flow models. Each issue seeks to provide readers with a basic understanding of the science of each topic and how it relates to the Verde River, its watershed, and the life it enables.

You can read issues of Water-Resource Notes by clicking here.


Water-Resources Primer

Verde River Basin Water-Resources Primer Book CoverA team of regional water scientists and experts has produced one of the Partnership’s most important educational tools, the Water-Resources Primer. The Primer is an illustrated “text book” that synthesizes the water-resource science pertinent to understanding the Verde River system. The purpose of the Primer is to provide well-explained, documented source material for interested citizens, decision makers, educators, and presenters of water-resource information. The Primer’s goal is to present scientific background for understanding various water issues.
The Verde River Basin Water-Resources Primer gives overviews of foundational topics such as the global water cycle and the basics of hydrology. It explores the specific hydrology and hydrogeology within the Verde River Basin, focusing on the Upper and Middle Verde River Watersheds. It explains groundwater pumping and its effect on groundwater and streamflow in these watersheds. Additionally, the Primer offers an overview of the riparian and aquatic habitat of the Verde River ecosystem. The Primer concludes with projections of the Verde River’s future flow, forecasted by the most recent models and scientific studies.

You can read or download the Primer by clicking here.

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