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Know the Types of Sandpaper and Their Functions

Sandpaper is one of the tools needed to smooth the surface of the media to be finished, whether wood, iron, or other types of materials. Choosing the right types of sandpaper is very important in order to produce a good finishing result.

Get to know the types of sandpaper

So, what about the needs in the world of finishing? To meet the needs of finishing, the manufacture of sandpaper is always updated. Therefore, it is very important to know the types of sandpaper and the types of sanding needs before starting the project.

Knowing the types of sandpaper will help make it easier for you in the finishing process. By choosing a good sandpaper, it will make the sanding process easier . This results in a smooth surface. In the end will help produce the desired finishing results. There are many types of paper or sandpaper made from various materials. The following are the types of sandpaper according to the material they are made of. You also need to read sandpaper 101 guide for selecting the right sandpaper products.

Types of Sandpaper Based on the Making Material

Garnet, this sandpaper is made from natural materials and is usually used on various types of wood. This type of sandpaper is very good and easy to use but is smoother than other sandpapers.

Silicone carbide, this sandpaper is very good for materials such as titanium, iron, copper, brass, plastic, rubber, glass, stone and wood. It is suitable for use on materials to be glued. The sanding results are very neat because it can lift all rough surfaces that are still attached to the wood.

Aluminum oxide, this sanding paper material is used specifically for wood, metal, stainless steel, leather, and paint materials. The surface is smoother than silicon carbide but lasts longer.

Ceramic, this material is quite expensive because it can sand strongly and last a long time. It is often used to sand cobalt and nickel-based steel as well as forged steel.

Alumina zirconia, this sandpaper is very hard and durable. If you are going to sand using a tool/machine, you can use this sandpaper.

Use Sandpaper According to Its Purpose

If you are familiar with the types of sandpaper, of course, the next step is to choose the sandpaper according to its intended use. If you are going to use sandpaper then there are two types of ways that you have to do, the first is with a wooden block and the second is using a machine.

If you choose to use your hands, of course, the results of the sandpaper can’t be flat because of uneven hand pressure. If you use a block of wood wrapped with sandpaper, of course the results will be the same. It’s the same if you use a sanding machine, because the surface of the belt is the same so you will also get an even result.

Sanding Steps To Prepare Wood Media Ready For Finishing

Before the finishing process is carried out, the thing that must be done is to make sure the wood media is ready for finishing. One of them is by sanding. The following are the steps for sanding the wood media so that it is ready for the finishing process.

After the wood media has gone through the process of planers, shavings, etc., in this first stage of sanding, you can use sandpaper with grit number 80/100. At this stage the sanding process is intended to cut large wood fibers as well as smooth the edges that are rough and sharp in shape and appearance.

Sanding in the Wood Media Finishing Process

The sanding process also plays an important role in the wood finishing process . At each stage of finishing, the sanding process needs to pay attention to the type of sandpaper used. Make sure the sandpaper you use is the right one for it.

In the post application stage of wood filler/wood putty, use sandpaper no 240, 280 or 320. Make sure the sanding process is carried out optimally until the remaining wood filler is what fills the pores.