How To Repair Copper Water Lines

How To Repair Copper Water Lines

Not every DIY home repair project requires expertise in all areas in order to have positive results. Those who wish to learn how to repair copper lines find out that this is a project that is not difficult. Once the basics are learned it is actually quite easily accomplished. Below, is listed a step by step instruction of how to repair copper water lines.

1. Once your pipe is cut to length you will want to fit it into position to make sure that it will fit properly. By fitting the copper piping into position first, will allow for proper flow and not become obstructed in any way. Improperly attempting to force the material can create leaks.

2. The surface at the end of the copper pipe that will be soldered, should have its surface opened up to accept the solder easily when a hot flame is put up to it. This is easily and quickly accomplished with Emory cloth or steel wool. It is also a great idea to clean out the fitting that will become attached to it. This will insure that a good bond is created.

3. To eliminate the chance of future leakage, soldering flux should be added before the solder. This will make the solder hold more effectively. This extra step helps ensure a much tighter bond and will help out later down the road.

4. Next, you want to fit the pipe and fitting together, and then place the heat on the area to be soldered. Once the flux has been administered, it is time to begin the soldering phase. You will want to let the flame move around the area for about 10 seconds.

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5. By using about a half inch of solder at a time will allow the copper not to have too much soldering material on it. Once the solder begins to trickle, it is time to move it to the next area that requires soldering, or simply turn the flame off. That is all it takes. Learning how to solder copper pipe is easy. It may take some practice at first, But once you get the hang of it, it will become natural to you.

Once you learn how to repair copper water lines, you’ll find yourself taking on other DIY home repair projects as well. Soldering is cool to do. A lot funner than gluing PVC pipe together! Plus, you won’t get ripped off by an over priced plumber!

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