How To Clean Oil Stain Catastrophes Before They Happen

How To Clean Oil Stain Catastrophes Before They Happen

Oil has a marvelous ability to reduce harmful friction and is well-suited to its job of protecting the moving parts of our equipment. This consistency is perfect for this situation, but can be an enemy rather than a friend if we happen to spill it. Whenever this happens, it sends us scrambling to try and clean oil stain residue before it penetrates everywhere and becomes impossible to remove.

Spilled oil has such a consistency that it will get into every single nook and cranny of your concrete floor. You probably won’t have sealed this surface and may not know that concrete has a welcoming ability to absorb oils of all kind. As it is good at enduring a lot of punishment and is adept at handling high temperatures, it is also particularly well able to absorb anything spilled onto its surface. You will find it difficult to clean oil stain messes, unless you are quick.

Run into the house and get hold of some baking soda, drinking cola or cat litter in order to clean oil stain patches as soon as you discover them. These household items can be left in place overnight, repeated if necessary and the chances are you will get away without too much damage. However, you will need chemical agents or complex degreasers if you come across a stain that had been left to set, possibly hidden underneath one of your parked vehicles.

You don’t want to be spending your time worrying about the condition of your floors, do you? You need around-the-clock protection and an appropriate material to be in between dripping oil and the concrete floor when it happens. Don’t worry about having to clean oil stain spills anymore when you have a product that will absorb them without damage. Look for a product that has a non-penetrable backing, of course, and the value here is that it will also have a non-skid surface, cutting down on your liability for accidents as well.

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A trip to your local auto mechanic shop will educate you about the type of absorbent technology that they use. Time is definitely money here and they don’t want to detract from their billable time by trying to clean oil stain spills which will inevitably occur. Take a leaf out of their books and install such products at home, as you never want to clean oil stains if you can help it anymore.

We are under more pressure from environmentalists than never before to ensure that we look after our surroundings and helps to promote sustainability. As such, we are responsible for chemicals and lubricants used in and around the home. If we allow them to leak to the floor, the mess will inevitably find its way into a storm drain systems — hardly a sustainable situation.

You don’t want to risk permanent damage or unsightly discoloration of your garage floor and you don’t want to spend all your time in order to clean oil stain disasters, either. In short, you need to be careful with your time and your money and invest a little bit of both by installing specific products designed to help.

If you don’t like the way that your garage floor looks, you might want to consider painting it to bring its appearance up to the rest of your lovingly maintained home. You may also want to consider sealing it in order to repel any spills. If this kind of project is too involved for you, compromise and install appropriate absorbent mats. You will be pleased with the neutral color from an aesthetic perspective and also their ability to protect.

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