How to Avoid an Oil Mess

How to Avoid an Oil Mess

It is quite a task to keep the garage looking clean, even though most of us make a good effort. Sooner or later something will leak and you will be left with a nasty oil mess. Even though you might think that the area beneath the car is the most vulnerable, if you forget to put a cap on a bottle correctly one of those oil or chemical containers could tip over.

A large variety of products and solutions are needed for everyday and periodic household use. When it comes to the car alone we need brake fluid, degreasers, lubricators, antifreeze solution, engine and transmission oil, the list goes on. It is difficult to try and keep these in an orderly fashion within the garage and often items are balanced on shelves and could spill over creating an oil mess.

The potential for a cleanup job caused by a spill is not restricted to the garage. If we look at our back patio, we see that the barbecue has one of those catch all trays beneath the pan, which is very flimsy and does not appear to have been adequately designed for the job in hand. After an afternoon’s cooking, we roll the grill back to its usual corner and see an oil mess beneath.

As prevention is always better than cure, try to avoid having to clean up an oil mess by fitting an absorbent pad in a vulnerable area. They can be cut into any shape and size and will fit anywhere.

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Absorbent pads are designed to last a long time and are made of durable polypropylene. The base of the mat is designed so that it will not allow the contents, up to a gallon of any liquid at one time, to leak to the floor, nor will it slip. Avoid having to clean up an oil mess after a spill by placing one of these mats.

Whilst the garage has its own fair share of accidents and spills, there are other areas in the house that bear watching. For example, the space beneath the kitchen sink is often reserved for a variety of chemicals, solutions and oils. Consider placing an absorbent mat in there before you put any bottles or containers. The mats can be cut to shape and, believe me, will absorb a lot of leaks and spills.

Avoid lasting damage to a service that can be caused by some particularly harsh chemicals by avoiding a spill in the first place. Absorbent mats can be washed easily, replaced and you do not have to worry about them. They will help you to avoid an oil mess.

Don’t spend all your time cleaning up oil mess as prevention is better than cure. Absorbent mats will more than pay for themselves as you will be able to save on the purchase of abrasive chemicals to help clean oil from your concrete floors.

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