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Home repair resource center is constantly amazing us. The latest innovation has been dreamed up by students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. It’s an industrial absorbent technology that can now clean up spills as and when they happen on our coastlines. We could’ve done with this in recent times on the Gulf Coast, I think. No matter where it occurs, oil can be very difficult to clean up.

The technology used by the Norwegian students is very similar to a vacuum cleaner, one which we are used to using at home, of course. The industrial absorbent machine uses suction cups and rotating brushes. First, a curved design pushes the absorbent out and then the machine goes into reverse mode and “sucks up” the mess.

How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner As An Industrial Absorbent

Oil can be a significant problem when it is spilled in huge quantities in this fashion, we can also find it to be problematic at home repair resource center. Many of us think that we need some kind of industrial absorbent to rid us of those oil stains that seep to our garage floor. We do not do a very good job of keeping up with this cleanliness and some of us may even be lazy, but whenever we leave it slide a significant problem arises.

It is said that the Norwegian students are now constructing a prototype of the new device that will go on to the market and be used to help shorelines in the home repair contractors. Don’t expect to see a vacuum cleaner like device to help us get rid of those garage oil stains, however.

Unfortunately, we will still have to get down on our hands and knees and use those heavyweight chemicals, unless we can find some kind of product that has an industrial absorbent built in.

What about buying a purpose made mat that we can put beneath each vehicle, one which includes an industrial absorbent material designed for the task. Oil stains and drips can be contained before they have a chance to do any damage and this can save us a considerable amount of time as well. Polypropylene is a regular product found within these mats and it has a very absorbent quality that is perfect for the garage.

Oil is something that we both love and hate

We know that we need to rely less on the fossil fuels that we derive it from and we also know that many of the foreign countries that supply us are rather hostile. Whenever we see damage caused by oil stains on our beaches we are up in arms, while we also realize that it takes us a lot of time to get rid of garage floor stains as well.

Most auto mechanic shops use industrial absorbent mats to cope with the everyday problems associated with dripping or leaking oil. They cannot afford to let the problem get out of hand at all, as their livelihood depends on them having a spotlessly clean and workable floor. To them, this is a necessity and not an option.

You don’t have to make sure that your garage floor is as clean as your auto mechanic’s place of business, but you do need to make sure that you are looking after the value of your home repair resource center, nevertheless. If you have a floor that has been stained and spoiled due to chemical abrasion during cleaning, the entire room will be an eyesore. Just wait and see what happens when it’s time to sell your home and watch the value go down. Food for thought?