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Home Repair and Remodeling

Home Repair and Remodeling

Home remodeling and repair such as cork floors, laminate floors, bamboo floors, rubber floors, and carpet tiles are wonderful additions to your home. Each can come in various colors matching any of your interior designs. They also come in various textures matching the feel of your home. Their benefits don’t stop there. Check out what each one has to offer.

Cork floors:

Cork floors are obviously made of cork, but how do they hold up? Because cork floors are spongy, they readily absorb shock very well. They spring back from any indentation, which makes them incredibly durable. In addition, because of its shock absorption, it prevents sound waves from echoing off lending to its quieting features.

The reason cork is so absorbent is that its fibers are honey-comb shaped. In between cork, fibers are gasses. The end result is a water-resistant and durable surface. It’s also beneficial because it is resistant to rot, is allergenic, and is anti-microbial.

Laminate floors:

Laminate floors deliver where traditional hardwood floors cannot. They are lower in cost. They are scratch-resistant. They can be pulled up readily for easy replacement. They do not require any gluing, stapling, or any other binding method to install them. They are resistant to moisture. They do not lose color from sunlight. They are perfect for kids and pets who would spill liquids on and damage regular hardwood.

Bamboo floors:

Bamboo floors are made of grass. This is what makes bamboo flooring extremely strong and hard. Bamboo flooring comes in two different colors similar to beech and oak wood. It is resistant to moisture and insects. An added benefit to bamboo flooring is that it’s Eco-friendly because it grows rather quickly leaving its roots in-tact unlike trees that die once they’re cut down.

Rubber floors:

Rubber floors are very durable. Rubber floors can last up to 30 years. These types of floors are often used in schools or gymnasiums for reasons of its impact-absorbing properties. However, this type of flooring can be extended to uses of the home as well. Place a rubber floor in your child’s bedroom and ensure that bumped heads are a thing of the past. Plus, because it is a shock absorber, like that of cork flooring, sound waves don’t bounce off rubber floors the same way as hard surfaces would. This decreases the amount of sound in your home, which may run on the high side because of kids. It adds new depth to the idea of soundproofing a room. It is mold and bacteria-resistant. Cleaning it is easy. Rubber flooring’s textured features create friction, and so it is slip-resistant.

Carpet tiles:

If you like the traditional look of carpet, but don’t like that it’s hard to clean and difficult to replace, check out carpet tiles for home remodeling and repair. They don’t require any gluing or any other method of fashioning. They can be used in a corner or for a full floor. They can be used in place of a rug. They simply attach to one another and stay where you place them. Because they come in all colors, you can mix and match creating your own individual style. Also, because they’re individual tiles, they can be easily replaced in case of spills or other damage.

Don’t go with your run-of-the-mill home remodeling and repair options. Choose something which is different, functional, fun, and economical.