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Few Tips For Cleaning A Basement Floor

Few Tips For Cleaning A Basement Floor

Without a doubt the basement floor is always the most cluttered in the house, meaning that tidying this area is a chore that can often take hours, or even days. To help lessen the workload and make the job a slightly more manageable one, there are a few tips that the homeowner should follow in order to ensure that the job goes smoothly – both this time and in the future…

The number one rule for the basement that prevents lengthy clear ups is not letting the junk accumulate on the basement floor on the first place. When one considers the amount of animals – such as rats and mice – that can live in basements, this even becomes a question of hygiene, as nobody wants to have an item that has been around these rodents. Purchasing some shelves from a DIY store is an easy way to counter this – they are reasonably cheap, as well as being simple to put up.

Once all of the items that are of value are placed on the shelves, the homeowner then needs to be ruthless with what they keep. If the different things in the basement have been there for a long time, then the chances are they won’t really be needed and they would be better off being donated to a charity shop or other worthwhile cause. Just shifting the clutter around won’t solve any problems, so it is best to be decisive and act, before the amount of mess gets too much to bear.

Now that the basement floor is free from clutter, the homeowner can begin cleaning the different places – including the wall, ceiling and basement floor. Additionally a humidity checker can also be placed in there, so as to rid the area of all the excess moisture that builds up there. This will prevent mold and mildew from taking root in the basement, as well as stopping items getting damaged by the moisture.

The next step is to clean any stains or other marks that have developed on the basement floor over time, which can be done with a number of industrial cleaning products. The best of these are sorbent pads, which will easily extract almost any stain – perfect for basements that have oil stains in them. They can also be used on the basement wall should they also be stained by different liquids.

After the basement floor is clean, the option to cover it springs up, as this will prevent it from becoming dirty again. The best option for this is absorbent mats, as these will prevent any stains from appearing while also having the capability to be easily washed.

As well as these socks, the homeowner can also use absorbent mats. These will catch any drips before they hit the ground and therefore keep the floor free of marks. They can easily be washed as well, which brings to an end the need for scrubbing.

Through completing all of these tasks, the individual should find that they not only have an immaculate basement, but that they also have a basement floor that won’t get cluttered in the future!