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The Ecowarrior’s Guide To Green Ways To Unclog A Toilet

The Ecowarrior’s Guide To Green Ways To Unclog A Toilet

It can be mortifying to drop a load that will not flush. If it happens at home, it becomes a disaster because someone has to be persuaded to fix this blockage. There are chemical methods available only if one can ignore inhaling nasty chemicals and long-term, accumulated environmental damage. So give three cheers for green ways to unclog a toilet they are the cheapest methods.

For lucky people, the floater might park like an ocean liner in a private bay. Resist the urge to plant a cocktail flag in it or hide it with paper, this will worsen the blockage.

But if a person is down on his luck, he faces a bowl that threatens to overflow. Turn off the inlet. If the toilet is missing this feature, whip off the cistern lid and push the circular rubber seal down to prevent water escaping. Do not stress at this stage, cistern water is the same as the kitchen tap water.

A plunger is what ‘real men’ go for. It can be dirty work. Ease the plunger’s cup into position to cover the outlet completely. Gently press it towards the hole. Let the air from the cup of plunger escape. Slowly pull and push a few times to ensure a good seal, and then thrust the plunger up and down quite quickly for about 20 seconds. It is a real art.

If anyone does not have or cannot face a plunger, the greenest ingredient they will ever find is patience. As moisture slowly penetrates the solids they will become softer. It is best to try the following suggestions in sequence unless someone is feeling very brave or has a strong stomach.

The ‘tap trick’ usually dislodges the culprit. Give a solid kick to the backside of the bowl. Do not break a foot or the bowl itself. Take a deep breath first and maybe dream up a ‘Plan B’ in the form of lots of absorbent, washable or recyclable cloths. Flush now and hope it works.

The next step is hot water. Pour a large bucket of hot water into the bowl, quickly and without splashing. Sometimes people put half a cup of dishwasher detergent into the bowl first, leave it to soak for 10 minutes and follow that up with hot water.

A lot of people try vinegar and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). One cup of each ingredient clears blocked drains. Use the vinegar first and then pause for a couple of minutes. Perhaps it is wise to let the level in the bowl subside beforehand, so the mixture is less diluted.

Now for the messier green tips; rubber gloves or a toilet snake. Either way these will get to grips with the problem. There is no need to explain how to use the rubber gloves. People can buy snakes cheaply at their hardware stores and they are easy to use. A snake bores a hole in the offending item. It may need to be drilled a couple of times.

People may not feel like heroes after succeeding in meeting such challenges. If bragging does not console them, they could take comfort from the fact that they are now bona fide green plumbers Markham warriors.…

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How To Select The Right Security System For Your Home?

Choosing the right security system for a home comes with a range of benefits. However, choosing the right home security system is a daunting task, as the security system market is awash with a broad range of options.

With advanced technology, the industry continues to grow, and various options are available. Here are some of the core components that one should consider when choosing the right home security system:

  1. Determine the Needs

The first thing to consider when choosing the right security system is to determine one’s security needs. Homeowners can undertake preliminary security assessments to determine the level of protection and security required.

The market is flooded with various home security services options. Therefore, conducting your research on the best security system that will fit your needs is advisable. A home security system with a surveillance camera is considered the best option.

  1. Package Prices and Features

Buying a home security system is a large investment. For this reason, homeowners should consider five things when selecting different pricing options:

  • Monthly fees
  • activation fee
  • service fee
  • Relocation fee
  • Cancellation fee

Clients determine the best system based on their budget. Besides, customers can use home security experts’ services for reliable advice on the most excellent home security services.

  1. Home Automation

Adding automation features into a security system transforms a house into a smart home. It would be best if a client considers integrating burglar alarms for convenience purposes. Automated systems turn lights on and off, and lock and open doors through electronic gadgets such as smartphones, computers, or tablets. The automated system is convenient as it allows homeowners more control over their home’s security.

  1. Contact Sensors

The sensors are a proactive safety feature that protects your family from dangers. Contact sensors give early awareness if children access forbidden areas such as the swimming pool or the garage.

  1. Smart Lightings

As a homeowner, you will have to choose the best security system customized to one’s needs. Homeowners can consider buying smart lightings and motion-detecting lights to scare away intruders.

  1. Customer Experience

Purchasing home security services is a long-term investment. Choose a company that offers the best customer service approach. The representatives should be knowledgeable, caring, and attentive.

  1. Installation Process

It is crucial to consider the installation process when choosing the right security system for a home. While some homeowners may prefer DIY, others may opt for professional installation. A professional installation will involve a technician who will take care of the process at a fee.

  1. Monitoring System

The monitoring system is a final consideration when buying a home security system. Some companies give clients the option of professional monitoring service or self-monitoring. Professional monitoring is often offered as a subscription service where a contract is signed for a year or more.

Professional monitoring is essential for high-end home security. The package includes round-the-clock surveillance. The monitoring specialists also have security response teams that show up on-site when an alarm is triggered.

On the other hand, in self-monitoring, homeowners have to observe security, whether at home. However, you will receive the notification once the sensor or alarm is triggered and alert the authorities if necessary.

  1. Alarm Permits

In some states, running a security system with professional monitoring will require a permit. Before buying a home security system, clients should check whether an alarm permit will be needed and any other associated charges.

Finally, after purchasing the home security system, identify areas that require adequate security coverage. It is generally advisable to install security cameras, motion-sensing lights, and burglar alarms in hotspots for intruders.


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Costs and Solutions to Home Foundation Repair

Costs and Solutions to Home Foundation Repair

Home repair is often expensive and inconvenient, and it’s possible that one of the most problematic is home foundation repair. If you are faced with this problem you mustn’t ignore it. You must make the repair as soon as possible with the help of a residential structural engineer.

The foundation is the most important structural element in a house. The floors, roof and walls depend on a solid foundation to hold them up. If your foundation is sinking, splitting or sliding, your home will suffer serious structural damage that can reduce its value.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Most foundation repairs are caused by soil-related problems such as:

• Poor waterproofing• Poor compaction• Overloading• Excessive organic materials• Erosion• Expansive soils as a result of changes in moisture content

Under these conditions, stresses can damage your home’s foundation and overall often than not, the cause of the damage is poor construction practices by the home builder. Builders can cut corners to save on costs. In the process, the foundation is not as strong as possible. A footer may be too narrow or thin. A poured concrete wall may not be reinforced with steel. A concrete block foundation wall may not have been filled solid.

Solutions to Home Foundation Repair

If you need major repairs on your home foundation, you must call a residential structural engineer. Making a mistake in repairing the foundation of a home can lead to serious damage. Structural engineers can provide the solution to your home foundation problem. They can also recommend contractors who can do foundation repair work.

For minor repairs on the foundation, including small cracks, FixCrack or similar products can be used. However, if the task proves difficult or challenging, a professional who specializes in repairing home foundations should be consulted.

If damage to the foundation is serious, extensive excavation and powerful hydraulic lifts may be required to secure the foundation while repairs are made. This kind of repair work is very expensive but cannot be avoided. It may even be necessary to shut off the water and electricity for safety reasons.

Home Foundation Repair Costs

To determine the cost of home foundation repair, contractors must make an initial inspection and assess the damage. They have to determine how long it will take to repair the foundation. Cost estimates will depend on the materials used, labor component, and cause of the damage.

It’s best to get at least three estimates from different contractors to compare the cost. The cheapest estimate may not be the best option. You must consider the materials to be used, quality of work, and the contractor’s reputation. It’s better to pay more to get a better quality job.

Home foundation repair is extremely expensive. You may want to apply for a loan to cover this kind of home repair. You may also check if your homeowner’s insurance will cover part of the cost.…

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What All To Assess While Buying Office Chairs For The First Time

Shopping can be fun for some but a real challenge for many. You would know which category you fall under. Whichever you are, some things can be complicated to buy. This happens when you are buying something for a lot of people. The nervousness is undeniable in situations like that.

We are talking about nothing else but toolid. It is not easy to buy office chairs, especially when it is your first time doing that. There are a lot of things that you must assess. We have laid those points down for you.

The height of the chairs

If you are buying chairs for your office, it is obviously for a lot of people. So, you want to keep in mind the height of everyone. Buy chairs that are suitable for an average height person. It should also have some sort of adjustability to suit everyone’s needs.

The wheelbase of the chairs

A stable chair is not the ideal choice for someone looking to buy chairs for the office. People need movements while working. They shouldn’t have to get up and walk every half an hour to get a file or a coffee. So, the chairs that you are buying must have an adjustable wheelbase.

The fabric of the chair

Most people ignore the cloth material of the chair, but it is a mistake. The fabric used in the chair is just as important as the structure of the chair. You must make sure that the material is not too slippery or stiff. It should be breathable and sturdy.

The looks of the chair 

The overall appearance of the chair should match the decor of your office. Don’t forget to keep the aesthetic of the place where you will be placing the chairs. A unified look does so much for the look of your office, and you cannot afford to compromise with it.

The comfort level of the chair

We might not have mentioned the comfort level of the chair on the top of this list but don’t think that it is not as important. It is one of the most important things to look for while buying office chairs. So, don’t overlook it. The color and the design of the chair come only after the comfort level of the chair.

The price of the chair

You must stick to a budget even if you are making a significant transaction. Office chairs are not the cheapest things you will find in the market. They have their standard rates. It would be better if you compare the prices of different stores.

Going through all the pointers that we explained above, you should feel confident about your newly gained knowledge on buying chairs. However, you need an equally confident store that can meet your need for office chairs. We recommend checking out TOOL & TOOL. They have the best stuff you can find in the market. Visit them and see for yourself.…

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How to Build a Wood Shed in a Few Easy Steps

How to Build a Wood Shed in a Few Easy Steps

You may think that learning how to build a wood shed may require a professional. That’s not true. You can build this handy storage structure all by yourself. You just need to know how to begin.

The beginning is easy. First you need to find a simple plan to follow. You can often find these things at a hardware or home repair store. If it is your first one, try to pick one that is not so complicated. This will ease the frustration later.

Take your plans home, and look them over. What kind of things does it require? This is important. You want to make sure you have the right amount of equipment in order to perform your task.

Some things you are certain to need are: a hammer, nails, saw, and of course, plywood. Most of these things are easily found in your local home repair store. In fact you might have some of the actual tools at home.

Once you know what you need, it’s time to prepare the area for construction. This might include tearing down trees, clearing space on the ground, or evening it out. This should take roughly a day to do. You should be able to have your shed up by the end of a long weekend.

After clearing your construction space, it is time to start preparing your wood. Follow the plan exactly to get the best results. This is not the time to start improvising. Once you have your pieces cut, take the next days to put it together.

Your finished product should look as close to the picture on the plans as possible. Learning how to Building a wood shed should not be hard as long as you follow the directions to the letter. It is important to make sure that all of your pieces are nailed in place. Paint it, and let it set overnight. Now you can store you items out of the weather.…

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Don’t Shy Away From Making Home Insulation Savings!

Don’t Shy Away From Making Home Insulation Savings!

It’s difficult to understand why people are recalcitrant when it comes to home insulation savings. It’s not as if we don’t realize how much money we could potentially save, but we don’t seem to want to do anything about it. Even when we come across our monthly average utility bills, strangely we just sit back and don’t take steps to make a difference. Even as the effects of the recession start to fade away, many people are already opting to return to the way they were, rather than put in place savings for the future.

We’re told by economists that energy-efficient investments are not really seen as “significant” enough and this is why we do not pursue them as readily as we should. Experts want to tell us that we tend to view home insulation savings efforts as costs and don’t look at the money spent now as an investment in the future.

Many people feel as if they’re caught in a “catch 22,” unable to justify the funds or raise money to invest in home insulation savings projects, yet overwhelmed by the tremendous cost of heating their homes during the recent brutal winter. Knowing how cruel mother nature can be, they are just looking forward with trepidation to the flip side of the coin, those 100 summer days ahead.

Government intervention could probably help us to realize just how cool home insulation savings could be. For example, if your local authority was to procure the cost of capital funding for such projects, charging the actual occupier of the house over a long-term basis to recoup the cost, this would probably be better. In this way, the work would definitely be seen as an investment, something which adds value to the very house itself and not something which is directly to be born by the current occupant, right now.

There are many ways to make sure that your average monthly utility bill is not out of control. Home insulation savings will certainly mount if you pay attention to the integrity of your house. For example, when was the last time that you went over every window and door checking for leaks? Even in the most expensive home, leaks are in evidence and wherever you find a compromise, you are wasting a significant amount of money, every moment of every day.

Home insulation savings can be realized quite simply and cost-effectively by putting a stop to those leaky doors and windows all around your house. See if you can get hold of one of those thermal detectors to give you an immediate idea of where your problems lie, or just do it the old-fashioned way, feeling for a draft or using an open flame. Window or door draft stoppers can then be placed to snuff out the leak immediately.

Whether you’re on a very strict budget or not, home insulation savings are available to you through the purchase of ready-made door and window draft stoppers. Keep your air conditioned air in its place by putting the best products available on the market to work for you. Look for a high insulation component and items with polypropylene construction.

You owe it to yourself to keep every available dollar in your pocket and to attack waste from every angle. Not only will you be able to save some money in the long run, but you would be doing your bit for the environment by being green and sustainable.…

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Tips and Ideas For Giving Your Kitchen a New Look

Tips and Ideas For Giving Your Kitchen a New Look

If you have been looking for a way to update your tired old kitchen and give it a brand-new style, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Style – The first thing to consider when renovating your kitchen is to look at its style. No matter just how much we enjoy styling the various others rooms in our homes, we all seem to keep the standard kitchen look. Why not give that same flair that the rest of the house enjoys to the kitchen as well? You can start simple by throwing in a new back splash or even some wall panels. Then you could continue by mixing up the colors as well as the patterns.

Technology – The second thing you need to update is the your kitchen’s technology. No, we do not mean adding flat screen TV’s and iPod’s to every counter. You need to bring in some interesting appliance updates like new mixers, juice makers, and why not even a fancy bread making machine? It really adds a new dimension to your kitchen, not to mention the fact it allows you to be more creative when you are actually cooking.

Ergonomics – What else could there be to improve your kitchen besides getting current appliances and bringing a touch of style? Keeping your kitchen comfortable and efficient is the next step. Properly positioned cabinets can really make a difference. Counters which are just the right height can really make cooking a lot easier, for example. If your kitchen is going to see some use, you might as well make sure it fits you just right.

Add More Space – A common mistake is to buy furniture and appliances that you think will still meet your needs in 10 or 15 years. This means people usually buy pieces that are far too large for their family’s needs and available space. You end up with a kitchen that is far too crowded and uncomfortable and no one will want to spend time there. If your family is small or your kitchen is squeezed for space, then select appliances and furniture that are on the slim side. Many of today’s kitchen gadgets and appliances are available in space-saving sizes that still provide all the great functions of the larger models.

Keep It Hidden – The kitchen needs to be the neatest room in your home. Clutter just makes it more difficult to take care of the tasks that need to be done. Keep utensils in your drawers or cabinets, and place any appliances you do not use regularly out of sight. Once your free up your counter space, you will find that not only will your kitchen duties be much easier, but you will be able to take care of other jobs while you are cooking. Pay the bills while your noodles cook or read through the newspaper while you wait for the coffee to perk. Who said kitchen duty had to be hard?…

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How To Repair Copper Water Lines

How To Repair Copper Water Lines

Not every DIY home repair project requires expertise in all areas in order to have positive results. Those who wish to learn how to repair copper lines find out that this is a project that is not difficult. Once the basics are learned it is actually quite easily accomplished. Below, is listed a step by step instruction of how to repair copper water lines.

1. Once your pipe is cut to length you will want to fit it into position to make sure that it will fit properly. By fitting the copper piping into position first, will allow for proper flow and not become obstructed in any way. Improperly attempting to force the material can create leaks.

2. The surface at the end of the copper pipe that will be soldered, should have its surface opened up to accept the solder easily when a hot flame is put up to it. This is easily and quickly accomplished with Emory cloth or steel wool. It is also a great idea to clean out the fitting that will become attached to it. This will insure that a good bond is created.

3. To eliminate the chance of future leakage, soldering flux should be added before the solder. This will make the solder hold more effectively. This extra step helps ensure a much tighter bond and will help out later down the road.

4. Next, you want to fit the pipe and fitting together, and then place the heat on the area to be soldered. Once the flux has been administered, it is time to begin the soldering phase. You will want to let the flame move around the area for about 10 seconds.

5. By using about a half inch of solder at a time will allow the copper not to have too much soldering material on it. Once the solder begins to trickle, it is time to move it to the next area that requires soldering, or simply turn the flame off. That is all it takes. Learning how to solder copper pipe is easy. It may take some practice at first, But once you get the hang of it, it will become natural to you.

Once you learn how to repair copper water lines, you’ll find yourself taking on other DIY home repair projects as well. Soldering is cool to do. A lot funner than gluing PVC pipe together! Plus, you won’t get ripped off by an over priced plumber!…

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Handyman – 5 Tips to Find a Good Handyman

Handyman – 5 Tips to Find a Good Handyman

Here are 5 tips to help you find the best Handyman your area has to offer. These tips will make it easier to get your project completed quickly and efficiently. By following these tips you can be confident that your project will run smoothly and you will end up with a project you can take pride in. Good skills, experience and a schedule for completing the project will be covered.

1. Be sure the handyman you choose is knowledgeable in the specific skills that your project will require. Some of the skills he will need are plumbing, electrical, home repair, remodeling, and carpentry. With these skills most projects can end with both the customer and the handyman happy. This will save you time and money and make sure your project something you can be proud of.

2. Ask the prospective handyman if he has experience with a similar type of project. If you lived in Texas you might ask the handyman San Antonio is offering whether they have done other jobs in your particular area. Making sure he understands exactly what the project is and what you will expect when the job is completed is important.

3. It is your responsibility to be clear about the start and completion date for your project. Make sure that he understands when the work is to be completed! It is not sufficient to use terms like “as quickly as possible” which is too vague and will cause you and him problems down the road. So just be specific with this part.

4. Check to be sure that he is a contractor who is properly licensed and insured to do your type of work. He needs to be familiar with city code requirements. Follow these tips to help you find the right handyman for your project.

5. Have a clear understanding about his guarantee for all work he will be doing. Be sure to get the guarantee in writing. Be sure it is specific with details covering your project. If he doesn’t have a written guarantee then find a handyman that does.

You now know some of the important steps to finding a qualified worker in your area. Think your project through in specific steps from start to finish even if it is a small project. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. You can not assume that the person doing the work knows what you are thinking or wanting.…

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Why We All Need A Hurricane Disaster Plan

Why We All Need A Hurricane Disaster Plan

Does it seems that the hurricane season becomes busier every year? Certainly, we haven’t seen anything like the bad storms from the early 2000s, but some of those bigger ones seem to be coming closer to the shores of the USA than ever before. They are even hitting the places we least expect them to.

In 2011 we saw a major storm coming ashore in the northeast of the country, which is very unusual. People there simply did not know what to expect and simply didn’t have their hurricane disaster plan. Many of them found out the hard way what mother nature can do.

If you have a house within a couple of hours of either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico you should have a hurricane disaster plan. These things do not only affect people who live actually on the beach itself. Occasionally, these powerful storms go a long way inland and wreak havoc.

Every single home owner or tenant in this situation has to take responsibility. The first thing you need to look at is the setup and security of the house itself. For example, when did you have a last good look at the shingles on the roof? Do you think there are any tiles that may be loose? The structural rigidity of the home is important.

While you have to be fairly unlucky to take a direct hit from the eye of a hurricane, a lot of the damage associated with the cyclones is wind and rain. You can do a great deal to prevent water entering your house and this should be one of the main things on your hurricane disaster plan.

Investigate products known as hurricane socks. You will find that they are highly absorbent and made from polypropylene, so they are ideal for the job. Use them during heavy storms and cyclones by putting them up against vulnerable door or window frames and they will absorb any wind driven rain.

Crucially, take care of your hurricane disaster plan by getting rid of any loose impediments that may be around your home. They could become a flying hazard, so you should put them into the garage or your house, so that you will have less to worry about in terms of glass breakage.

We must never play down the possible effects of a hurricane. If our memory is short all we need to do is replace some of the tapes from the many landfalling storms from earlier in the decade.…