Avoid the Effects of That Worst Storm With a Moisture Absorbent

Avoid the Effects of That Worst Storm With a Moisture Absorbent

While we need a certain amount of moisture in the air just to survive, we need to pay particular attention to excess amounts as they can lead to all kinds of problems in the home. If you live in a certain type of environment, excess moisture can be a seasonal issue and can lead to hefty mold accumulation in your home if you’re not careful. There are certain steps you can take and the use of a moisture absorbent is a good solution.

It would be nice to maintain a perfect humidity within your house without much worry. The truth is that most of us live in a climate where we are constantly trying to manipulate the inside conditions so that we can live a comfortable life. We don’t want to be too dry and we certainly don’t want it to be too moist, it’s a never-ending battle.

Your home is under constant attack from the elements. Over the years we have become quite good at sealing our homes, but the temperature differences and humidity variations between inside and out are sometimes extreme. If moisture builds up, especially in certain rooms, you will need the moisture absorbent to soak up the worst. Your basement or garage can be particularly vulnerable.

By using a water absorbent sock, sometimes known by the name “hurricane sock,” you can help combat dampness, mildew and mold. Homeowners in Florida know how effective these products are at keeping out the worst that can be thrown at them by tropical cyclones.

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The moisture absorbent sock will soak up to a gallon of water at a time. If you find that water is coming underneath the door during a major storm, or that moisture is building up on the inside of windows at a certain time of year, then this product can come to your rescue. These are economical and tough products that can be reused again and again. When conditions have improved, the products can be air dried and will be as good as new.

It’s a good idea for a homeowner to have a stock of moisture absorbent products. Not only will you be able to use them during unexpected weather conditions, but you could place them around washing machines, water heaters or other appliances that could leak. It’s much easier to deal in this way then have to mess around with rolled up towels, mops or buckets or constantly have to check to see what is happening.

Conforming to any surface, the moisture absorbent hurricane sock is made from a great, tubular nylon material. Within, super absorbent polypropylene does it’s job for you and these products have been proven time and again when the heat is on.

If you have to deal with a major flooding event, very little can help you unfortunately. However, with wind driven rain water, a moisture absorbent product can provide a good line of defense. In an ongoing situation, you can simply wring them out and put them back in place if needed!

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