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Alternative Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

Alternative Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

There are a massive variety of different techniques that the modern household uses to keep their home looking spotless, but often these methods are time consuming and don’t leave the opportunity for the homeowner to enjoy some free time during their day. For this reason, many homeowners are turning to some alternative cleaning solutions to make the many jobs they carry out quicker and more effective. They also have the added bonus of often being cheaper than the traditional methods, so the homeowner is winning on two fronts.

As well as alternative cleaning solutions for the home, many of the same techniques can also be used elsewhere, such as at a place of work so that the staff there are subject to a nicer workplace – therefore leading to higher morale and increased productivity. It is a well-known fact that happy workers produce better work, so all employers should actively encourage their workspace to be of the highest standard of cleanliness.

Probably the most effective alternative cleaning solution is to actually catch the mess before it begins to take hold in the first place, through the use of many different items that can be bought cheaply. These can work in any room of the house, but are particularly effective in the garage area, where a lot of mess can build up quickly.

Many people are now buying garage floor mats, which are perfect for the dirtiest of areas, such as garages used for messy jobs like car repairs and other mechanical processes. The mats sit on the floor and soak up any oil or grease that comes in to contact with them, therefore meaning that the person won’t have to spend hours trying to rid the floor of spillages and other unsightly marks.

When it comes to areas that are prone to water intrusion – such as areas with high flood occurrences and snow melting – then a water absorbent sock is hugely useful. These will sit next to a door or garage door and absorb any of the water that encroaches, therefore meaning that it doesn’t gather inside and stain carpets or other floor types. They are also very cheap, which makes them a must for anyone who regularly suffers from this problem.

Aside from these preventative measures, there are some very good alternative cleaning solutions for cleaning mess after it has happened – especially should carpet or other upholstery be affected. The most popular is steam cleaning, which will use a totally chemical-free method to lift the stains from the carpet and therefore make them easy to remove.

For oil stains that have appeared in garages, there are a few ways that can be tried, which are all cost effective and slightly on the quirky side. Firstly, there is the use of WD-40, which can help to lift oil stains. When mixed with the affected area and washed with water, many find the stain comes right off. Alternatively, try using some cat litter. This is super absorbent and will take in most of the oil that has been spilt on the floor.

It is plain to see that a huge array of alternative cleaning solutions exist, all of which make the homeowner’s job so much easier. As well as taking the work out of cleaning, they will also leave far more money in the homeowner’s purse – something that is vital in these tough economic times.