A Garage Water Mat Can Help You Avoid Frozen Doors

A Garage Water Mat Can Help You Avoid Frozen Doors

Large areas of the country, pretty much anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line and sometimes even South, are prone to really bad wintry weather and this can present a homeowner with considerable problems when trying to keep a garage in good condition over those long, frigid months. Most people are forced to store all kinds of boxes along the walls of this room and space constraints may also mean that you have some valuable furniture items in there as well, not a good combo.

It’s quite amazing how much one, seemingly innocuous chunk of frozen snow can generate in terms of melted water. There’s little you can do to avoid the chance of snow falling from beneath your car when you return from a road trip. Given the slightly warmer temperature inside, this quickly converts to its uncontrollable fluid state.

If you are a hardy Northerner, you might have learned to deal with melting snow runoff in your garage by rolling up old newspapers to form a kind of man-made dam structure! If you are lucky, this option may have worked, although it is certainly a niggling job and you would be much better off getting a garage water mat to solve the problem once and for all.

A garage water mat is made of a super absorbent material called polypropylene. You can buy them to size according to the vehicle you store, or can even have them purpose made. However much frozen snow you track into your domain will be absorbed and kept within the mat, avoiding potential damage and a slippery mess.

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You can be held liable if somebody was to slip and fall on the mess within your garage and you should avoid this kind of liability by putting a garage water mat in place as soon as possible. In addition, the mat will not move when in place as it has a nonslip base made of vinyl.

There’s nothing worse than searching for something that you have stored in your garage and lifting a box up only to find the bottom has rotted and all the contents are damaged. When the bottom of the box falls out, you have another clean up job to perform and all of this could be avoided if you had a garage water mat, to contain everything that falls off your car.

While melting snow can represent one of the biggest problems for you when trying to keep your garage in good condition, a garage water mat can also be used year-round to contain the rainwater that will drip off your car if you get caught in a summer rainstorm. If you live in a particularly dry area during those months, you could always opt to store the mat until winter.

If you have a garage water mat, you can avoid one of the most annoying problems of all when you live in the cold north. The mats will contain the frigid water and prevent it from running up against the garage door, freezing and preventing you from opening!

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