A Draft Stopper Snake Bites Wastage

A Draft Stopper Snake Bites Wastage

We are likely to have a hangover from the great recession for many years to come. People who think that we will eventually get back to the “status quo” are probably mistaken. It just so happens that the recession arrived at the same time as the “green” movement really started to take hold in everyday life. We have finally learned how we need to become sustainable and that we cannot waste energy due to the long-term damage caused to the planet through greenhouse gas emissions.

Everything we do in the future will be judged according to its sustainability. This philosophy will fit in rather nicely with our post-recessionary plans to save more. By cutting down on energy use, we not only save money and cut back on carbon emissions, but we will make sure that our individual “carbon footprints” are smaller. Look at how much money we waste through energy loss in the home today. We have to do something about this.

As more than 65% of our monthly energy bills is spent trying to cool or heat the home, shouldn’t we try and reduce this as much as we can? If you have an older system in place, try retrofitting it so that you can take advantage of some of the more modern applications. If your system is up to speed, now you should look for areas of your home that are purely inefficient. You will find leaking air in many places and should put a draft stopper snake wherever you find an issue.

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You may find that almost every door and window in your home is inefficient from an energy perspective. You should especially look at the underside of the door as a great deal of energy can be lost here. Air will leak in and out during the seasons and to stop this taking place you should put a draft stopper snake for each of your external doors.

Individual sustainability is critical if we are to make a difference, collectively. We need to be sure that our planet is a more pleasant place for the generations ahead of us to live and it is our responsibility for doing so. To do this, we need to pay attention to what we would otherwise consider the “small things.” Leaky doors and windows cannot normally be seen with the naked eye and we tend to forget them, but this is the place where we should start the journey.

Due to their flexibility and relatively low cost, the draft stopper snake is perfect for your needs. You don’t need to consider replacement windows or expensive double glazing efforts, just get a number of draft stopper snake products and put them to work for you. You will see a saving in relatively short time.

Energy will rise shortly as politicians understand that they need to apply a tax to the very cost of emitting carbon. They believe that this will control greenhouse gas emissions in the long run, but one of the side effects of this will of course be additional energy costs for you. Reduce your footprint and pay attention to your Windows and doors, so that you begin your savings now.

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As a draft stopper snake is made from durable polypropylene, it will last a long time and do its work for you season after season. These products are flexible and will fit almost anywhere and they are filled with a great insulating material — ground corn cob.

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